Lena Griffin

Help Your Baby Sleep Soundly with Essential Oils

It's pretty widely known that babies are often difficult sleepers, waking up in the night crying. And that's assuming you manage to get them to go off to sleep easily in the first place. The baby's sleep – or lack thereof – is one of the major sources of stress for new parents, since, if the baby's awake, it's likely the parents aren't getting much shut-eye either. To give you all a bit of rest and relaxation, you can try using essential oils to help your little one get off to sleep quickly.

What to Look For When Buying a Facial Moisturiser

If you want smooth and hydrated skin, it is advisable to incorporate the use of a moisturiser as part of your facial care routine. What some people do not realise is that when you wash your face, not only do you get rid of dirt and bacteria but you end up stripping your skin of its natural oils. As a result, your skin becomes dry and dehydrated. Contrary to popular belief, water rather than oil is what ensures your skin stays hydrated.

Anti-Aging Treatments You Could Consider To Beat the Clock

Retaining youthful good looks is something most people will seek. Nevertheless, the process of ageing is inevitable, and with it comes an array of skin conditions that affect your overall appearance. The most common complaints people tend to have include wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven skin and frown lines. Luckily, advancements in technology allow you to enhance your appearance at whim. If you are getting self-conscious about your appearance, there are a number of treatments that you could consider to reverse the symptoms of ageing.

How to Swatch Your Nail Polish Without Using Swatch Sticks

The more nail polishes you own, the harder it gets to keep track of all your polishes and remember what each one looks like. Many manicure enthusiasts use plastic nail swatch sticks to swatch their polishes and organise them. However, for those who can't find swatch sticks or prefer not to use them, there are many other DIY options available. If you're in the market for some new OPI nail polish colours, why not start swatching and organising using one of these 4 methods?

4 Tips on Doing Your Makeup for Girls who Are New to Glasses

If you wear your makeup the same that you did before you got your new pair of glasses, you may be missing a trick. When you wear specs, your eyes can easily become lost behind the lenses. Therefore, to make them stand out, you want to learn a few new techniques so that your eyes really pop. Also, you may find that your foundation wears off where your glasses touch your face, so you get a patchy face that you didn't have before you got your glasses.