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Help Your Baby Sleep Soundly with Essential Oils

It's pretty widely known that babies are often difficult sleepers, waking up in the night crying. And that's assuming you manage to get them to go off to sleep easily in the first place.

The baby's sleep – or lack thereof – is one of the major sources of stress for new parents, since, if the baby's awake, it's likely the parents aren't getting much shut-eye either.

To give you all a bit of rest and relaxation, you can try using essential oils to help your little one get off to sleep quickly. And hopefully, once they fall asleep, they'll rest a lot more soundly, too! Here are some tips to give your baby a naturally good night's sleep.

Essential oils to try

There are many different oils on the market and some of them are not recommended for use with babies, so be careful if you decide to experiment. Two that are safe for babies over three months old are lavender and chamomile, which is useful because both are strongly associated with relaxation. In fact, sticking with just these two should be enough to make your baby nice and calm at bedtime. If your baby has any sort of skin condition or may be allergic, avoid essential oils unless you can consult a doctor on their safety.

Ways to use them

With a gentle massage

A foot massage can make an adult fall asleep in minutes, so it has a strong effect on babies. Combine it with relaxing oils and you're onto a winner.

Use a carrier oil to dilute the essential oils and avoid irritation. Just one drop of essential oil in a teaspoon of coconut oil is what you need.

Once you've mixed your oil, get a small amount on your fingers and very gently massage your baby's feet. Be careful not to get any oil on the baby's face as it could irritate the particularly delicate skin there.

At bathtime

Dilute the essential oil in the same ratio as you did for the massage to make sure you don't put too much in the bath.

Prepare the bath as you normally would for the baby, and add a little of the oil until you can smell it. Bathe baby just before bed to get them in a sleepy mood.

In the air

Using an oil burner or electric essential oil heater creates a calming environment while your baby is going to sleep. Be careful not to place it too near to them, and keep an eye on it until the candle is out or it's switched off.