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4 Tips on Doing Your Makeup for Girls who Are New to Glasses

If you wear your makeup the same that you did before you got your new pair of glasses, you may be missing a trick. When you wear specs, your eyes can easily become lost behind the lenses. Therefore, to make them stand out, you want to learn a few new techniques so that your eyes really pop. Also, you may find that your foundation wears off where your glasses touch your face, so you get a patchy face that you didn't have before you got your glasses. Well, fear not! Read on for four great tips on how to apply your makeup so that you look flawless and so that you can look truly gorgeous in your new glasses!

1. Get your base right

If you like to wear foundation, you'll probably notice that your glasses tend to slip down your nose throughout the day. To prevent this, before you put on your foundation to sure to wear a primer, as this will keep everything in place for longer. Be sure to powder your foundation into place, adding a little extra where your glasses come into contact with your face. Be sure that everything you add is added in fine layers, as caked-on makeup will mean you glasses are more likely to slip-slide all over your face throughout the day.

2. Keep mascara off your lenses

A big complaint from women that wear glasses is that their mascara ends up all over their lenses, and yet if you avoid this step altogether you miss that beautiful definition that mascara lends the eyes. To keep your mascara from smudging, firstly, be sure to use a volumising rather than curling mascara, as super-curled lashes are more likely to hit your lenses. However, don't be afraid to curl slightly with an eyelash curler; giving your lashes a slight bend means they are less likely to graze your glasses when you blink.

Then, when you apply your mascara, make sure you are applying most of it to the roots rather than the tips of your lashes.

3. Frame your face

It's important not to forget your brows if you're a glasses wearer, as your brows frame your glasses just as your glasses frame your face. Whether you use a brow pencil, gel or coloured brow mascara, spend a couple of minutes filling in your brows each morning, and you'll look pulled together and your makeup will look complete. 

4. Be bold with your lipstick

In order to create balance in your face, it's a good idea to counteract the heavy look of glasses with a bold lip. If you don't feel like going for full-on red, try something slightly more subdued like a plum or a gorgeous pink. If you're not sure of the best shade for you, go to your local department store and get colour matched by a professional.

Follow these tips and you'll look gorgeous and pulled-together in your new glasses. Now, go forth and wow the world! If you would like to learn more about makeup, consider enrolling in beauty school.